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A Holistic Approach of Kris’ Case


This analysis is done by persons with medical, accounting, human resource development backgrounds. The elaborated aspects which going to be discussed also includes law and media analysis.

The first outbreak news from SINA (chinese portal news) stated “Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and the lawsuit is similar to Hangeng’s case, who left Super Junior after nullifying his contract”. Let me emphasize the odd part of this statement:

  1. In order to file a lawsuit in Korea, the presence of Kris is truly required when submitting the lawsuit request. However, the news outbreak appeared when Kris is in Beijing, claiming Kris has submitted the request. And the Korean court confirmed that they have received it 2 hours later. This statement does not make any sense. If Kris was in Beijing, who submitted the lawsuit request? No lawyers and representatives were allowed to do that, according to Korean law. That’s totally a big question.
  2. “A similar case to Hangeng’s” has been quite ambiguous. What kind of lawsuit did Kris submit (if it is really him)? How similar is it to Hangeng’s case? Is it really about contract termination? Let us remind you, lawsuit does not always mean contract nullification. It can be anything else.

From those statement above, we need to rethink and don’t absorb the news completely. This statement has already drawn a misleading commotion, making people think Kris really filed a lawsuit regarding contract nullification.

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